PHYSICAL THERAPY INITIAL EVALUATION: 60-75 mins Orthopedic wellness: acute injuries, chronic dysfunction, maitenence and wellness visits, body work, post-surgical rehab. Neurological conditions: Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy. Dance Medicine and Performing Art’s. Women’s Health. Chronic Pain.

Dancer $90

Non-Dancer $120

In Home: Additional $25-35 depending on location

PHYSICAL THERAPY FOLLOW UP TREATMENT: 40-50 mins. To ensure longevity of effect of treatment. Amount of follow-up visits need will differ patient to patient. The number of visits will be estimated during your initial evaluation, a plan of action will be created, and you will be on your way to return to your fullest function.

Dancer $70

Non-Dancer $95

In Home: Additional $25-35 depending on location

DancerFit PRIVATE: 45 - 60 mins. A strength and conditioning class originally designed on/for professional dancers and broadway stars to ensure they could maintain their strength through long, gruesome rehearsal and performance demands, without getting injured. Now this class is used to provide professional and pre-professional dancers the tools to promote longevity of their career, and of their body long after the career.

In clinic/studio: $55-70

BACKSTAGE AND ONSITE/SET PHYSICAL THERAPY: PRICE DETERMINED BY NEED For cast members, dancers, crew members, administrative staff, production staff at your theater, studio, rehearsal space, convention or competition location, film screenings, tv and movie filming sets and on locations.

SERVICES FOR DANCE SCHOOLS, PROGRAMS AND STUDIOS: PRICE DETERMINED BY NEED. 1. In studio physical therapy assessment/treatments: on a first-come first serve sign up basis.  2. In studio observation, injury prevention and wellness workshops. 3. Risk/injury analysis:  Individual(private), studio, productions. 4. Physical Therapy screening and assessment. 5. Warm up assessments for teachers, professors, directors and choreographers. 6. Movement education/local motor control classes to improve technique and performance.